Curious about your commute options?

Whether you’re looking to save gas money or you need your car to last longer, the first call you make should be to the reThink Your Commute program at 866-610-RIDE (7433). This free program can help you find your next best commute option, whether it’s carpooling, vanpooling or transit. Plus, they offer a free Emergency Ride Home reimbursement program for those who ride transit, carpool or vanpool to work.

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA)’s Green Team has worked alongside the reThink team to encourage employees at MCO to try something new. GOAA staff can receive discounted bus passes by contacting the Ground Transportation Department at 407-825-2610.

If you work for a specific company at the airport or an airline, the reThink team is available to work with your management team on ways to encourage you and your co-workers to share the ride to work.

Join others in the GOAA community and find a better way to get to work. Request a summary of your commute options at today.