To celebrate Aviation Maintenance Technician Day (May 24th) we had the opportunity to have an exclusive tour of United’s north hangar located off of Tradeport Drive. Tech Ops personnel Gregory Doyle, Brian Finsie and Laura Spolar, gave us an inside look on the daily operation and maintenance of their aircraft.

Parked at the hangar was a Boeing 737-900 which was there for a Nitrogen Generation System check-up. Aircraft maintenance is mostly routine and usually conducted overnight, lasting 8 to 10 hours but could last up to 60 days.

The hangar was built in 1955, back when MCO operated as a U.S. Air Force Base. Technology has come a long way since then. Today, United’s 500 skilled technicians use iPads which are able schedule, track and maintain updated records of the aircraft maintenance from beginning to end.

The hangar fits two to four commercial aircraft with capability of fitting a Blimp as well. Thanks to the care and concern of our  hard working Maintenance Technicians, passengers can safely take to the sky. We appreciate all their hard work!