As an employee at Orlando International Airport, you may have been impacted by some of the challenges we are facing while transporting our employees to the main terminal building. Recently, the two biggest challenges have been equipment and personnel. We have recently taken the following actions to improve the employee shuttle bus system:

  • The Authority has ordered four new 40-passenger shuttle buses, the last of which was delivered last week and all should be in service by Friday, September 21st.
  • Eight new drivers will be in place that have been recently hired or are now in training and will be behind the wheel as soon as possible. The need for bus drivers reflects an area-wide shortage that has impacted our contracted bus service provider.

As we work through this, we ask for your continued patience, please. As a reminder, parking is approved in designated spaces only. Parking outside of these areas is creating an unsafe situation, and is subject to ticketing and/or towing.

Thank you,
Marquez Griffin, A.A.E., ACE
Director of Airport Operations
Orlando International Airport
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
One Jeff Fuqua Blvd., Orlando, FL 32827