Distracted driving is a danger for you and everyone around you. It is imperative that you do NOT partake in the following activities while operating a motor vehicle:

DO NOT have a phone conversation – handheld, hands-free, or via Bluetooth

DO NOT text or send messages

DO NOT use voice-to-text features in your vehicle’s dashboard system

DO NOT update Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media

DO NOT check or send emails

DO NOT take selfies or film videos

DO NOT input destinations into GPS (while the vehicle is in motion)

DO NOT call or message someone else when you know they are driving

Here are some resources to help keep us all safer behind the wheel:

June is National Safety Month

Safety is now more important that ever. Every year the National Safety Council utilizes the month of June to highlight important safety topics. The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate. They focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. Follow us throughout this month as we also look at Mental Health, Ergonomics and Building a Safety Culture.

If you would like to share any safety concerns or ideas on how to keep our community safe, we want to hear from you! Feel free to email us at airportcommunication@goaa.org or you can always visit the I-Port on MCOcares.com to share your thoughts with us.