City of Orlando issues Executive Proclamation

Earlier this week, City of Orlando Mayor, Buddy Dyer, issued an Executive Proclamation Directing Protective Measures at the Orlando International Airport as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Executive Proclamation focuses on two areas, Social Distancing and Facial Coverings of which are detailed below.  Please brief all personnel on this measure as it is in effect at this time.

Social Distancing

Wherever practical employees of the airport who are issued SIDA badges, or similar credentials, shall maintain social distancing measures in accordance with the most current CDC guidelines.

Facial Coverings

Facial covering shall be used by all persons when present in public areas or in areas leased from the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority where the public may be present.

Please click this link to read the official proclamation: Executive Proclamation Directing Protective Measures at Orlando International Airport

Please click this link to read the GOAA Operational Policy regarding COVID-19 Protective Measures : 730-03 – COVID-19 Protective Measures Policy