The MCO Recognition Program is intended to encourage employees of the airport community to recognize other airport employees of any organization for performance that demonstrates the Common Purpose and/or Behaviors of our service framework. When you see great performance, take a moment to recognize the employee with a recognition card or online.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have had to make some updates to our recognition program. The changes mostly revolve around the brunches and in-person events that were held to celebrate our recognized employees.  Until further notice, we will not be holding events of this type.

Lapel pins will still be offered to all recognition recipients. A recognized employee may email us to make arrangements to receive their pin or a manager may make arrangements to receive the pins for their staff and then hand them out to their team.

We are adding a new feature to the monthly Airport Employee Communication emails announcing the recognition recipients to the airport community. We now invite the recognition recipients to send us a photo of themselves so that we can include it in the monthly email. If an employee would like to have their photo included in our email, they should email us a photo and be sure to include their name, employer and the month they were recognized. We encourage you to do that within 5 days of receiving your recognition. Please note that this is voluntary and not a requirement of the program.

If you are not signed up to receive our Airport Employee Communications, you can sign up here:

Please email us at to request a lapel pin, send us a photo to share or with any questions.  (Be sure to include your name, employer and month you were recognized.)

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will continue to reevaluate our program and will make adjustments as needed. Please call the GOAA Customer Experience Department with any questions at 407-825-3116.

Thank You,

MCO Airport Communications