As we continue to see parking numbers increase, and in anticipation of the Holidays, GOAA is making an adjustment to the temporary Employee parking accommodations.

Effective November 9th, at 0001L (at 12:01 a.m.), all Employees with Employee Parking Lot hangtags will be relocated to the C-garage parking.

As with the current Employee Parking accommodations, the conditions for entry are a valid Employee Parking Lot (EPL) hangtag (one displaying the current month) and a GOAA badge (or airline crew badge for our based crewmembers), both of which need to be presented for entry and exit.

There will be a few minor differences with this operation. For one, as with the process at the B-garage, any Employees without an EPL hangtag upon entry will need to collect a ticket and pay for the parking fees on exit. As of right now, there are no parking attendants readily staffed at the booths of the C-garage. As such, please expect payment through the automated lanes. Additionally, should any issues arise and we need to escalate to management of our Parking Contractor, there will be a significant delay, again attributed to lack of staff readily available at those booths.

With this change, it will take a bit longer to travel. Employees will have to take the APM from the south to the north, and from there, continue to their respective work areas.

Please keep in mind that this is just a temporary measure; inevitably, employees will be returning to the Employee Parking Lot.

We thank you for your patience and understanding with these new parking accommodations.