The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) is happy to share that the South Employee Parking Lot (EPL) will be opening on Wednesday, July 5, 2023, at midnight (Tuesday into Wednesday). If you are arriving at the airport after midnight on Wednesday, and your primary place of work is Terminal C or the Train Station, please report to the new South EPL. With the opening of South EPL, all employees whose primary place of work is Terminal C or the Train Station AND have been issued a South EPL hangtag (permit) are to park at the South EPL.

To prevent any confusion, here is some clarification for all Employees on the uses of our Employee Lots. 

1.Where are the Employee Parking Lots located?

The North EPL’s address is 8400 Casa Verde Rd. Orlando, FL 32827. The entrance is located at the end of Casa Verde Rd. For those requiring a map to North EPL, please contact us for details. The South EPL’s address is 10403 Jeff Fuqua Boulevard North. Orlando, FL 32827, and the entrance is located behind the South Travel Plaza. A memo with directions to the South EPL has been provided to all employers that are primarily assigned to Terminal C or the Train Station. 

2. Who can park at the North and South EPL, and what is needed to park at the EPL?

After our transition period for South EPL, only Employees that are primarily assigned to Terminals A and B, and Airsides 1, 2, 3, and 4 are authorized to park in the North EPL. Employees will need to present a current month’s North EPL hangtag (permit) and a valid airline / airport ID for entry, and for admission on to the Employee shuttle. After July 5th, shuttles are only available between the North EPL and Terminals A and B. Only employees who received the South EPL hangtag (permit) and who are primarily assigned to Terminal C or the Train Station are permitted to park at the South EPL. Similarly, a current valid South EPL hangtag (permit) and a valid airline / airport ID are required for entry, and for admission on to the Employee shuttle. Shuttles are only available between the South EPL and Terminal C / the Ground Transportation Facility. 

3. Can I park in the South EPL with my North EPL hangtag (permit) / Can I park in the North EPL with my South EPL hangtag (permit) after July 5th at 00:00?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate employees with South EPL hangtags (permits) into the North EPL, and Employees with North EPL hangtags (permits) will not be able to be accommodated in the South EPL. Each Employee Lot is designed to support the facility for which it is aligned to, and as such, only Employees whose primary place of work is in the North Terminals are permitted to park in the North EPL. Likewise, Employees whose primary place of work is in Terminal C and the Train Station are only permitted to park in the South EPL. 

4. Can I park in both the North EPL and the South EPL if I work at both Terminal A/B and Terminal C?

Currently, no. For operational planning purposes and capacity management, Employees are restricted to parking in the facility that supports their primary place of work. For example, if an Employee works four (4) days in Terminal C, and only one (1) day in Terminals A / B, the expectation is that the Employee will be using the South EPL to park for work for all 5 days of work. 

5. Where can I find the schedule for the shuttles?

Shuttle schedules have been provided to all employers. In general, Terminals A / B shuttles run every 5 minutes, on a routine schedule given no delays (due to traffic congestion, security backups, etc.). Terminal C shuttles run, in general, every 10 minutes. 

6. How do I get back to the North EPL if I work at Terminal C/Train Station and parked at the North EPL before July 5th at 00:00?

We will operate an on-demand shuttle service from Terminal C to North EPL from July 5th at 00:00 until July 14th at 23:59 to accommodate all employees that parked in the North EPL prior to the opening of the South. Contact information for the on demand will be placed in front of space C-284 at the Terminal C Ground Transportation level (Employee shuttle stop). Please dial the phone number provided to request a shuttle service to the North EPL from Terminal C. Please note that this is one-way transportation only. The shuttle service will not transport any Employee from the North EPL to Terminal C. 

7. Will the policies/procedures be the same in both Employee Parking Lots?

Yes, the procedures will remain the same. Employees shall provide their valid EPL hangtag (permit) and airport/airline issued ID to the attendant upon entry. The vehicle shall display a hangtag (permit) at all times while parked in the EPL. Monthly hangtags (permits) will expire on the 5th of the following month. Employees will not be allowed to enter the EPL if the hangtag (permit) is not current. Vehicles with expired hangtags (permits), employees in vehicles that force entry with, for example, an expired, fake, or no hangtag (permit), or persons who fail to follow the policies / procedures / instructions are subject to ticketing and towing at the Employee’s expense. 

With the opening of Employee Parking, one of our goals remains to safely and expeditiously park our airport Employees. We believe the extra capacity will help not only in reducing commute times for those working in Terminal C, but will alleviate some of the parking challenges, such as illegal parking, vehicles impeding traffic, and /or Employees continuously circling in an attempt to locate a space. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your leadership, and your leadership can pass the questions on to our Parking & Ground Transportation team.