Bags Inc. Published: 08/23/2017
Job Type

Description and Instructions to Apply

We are expanding our Orlando Airport operation and actively searching for the right people to work in a fast-paced, friendly environment.  The Luggage Sorting Agent will work in a remote site on airport property to sort and prepare the luggage passing through the Orlando airport.

We are looking for driven, ambitious professionals eager to advance their career. Our mission is to provide the Greatest Customer Service Ever, and for that we need the greatest employees ever. Jump start your career today, and help us to make travel easier.

Location: Adjacent to the Orlando International Airport


Job Requirements

  • Ability to work various shifts
  • Ability to lift up to 70 lbs.
  • Ability to obtain airport badge credentials and meet the following appearance guidelines

Appearance Guidelines

Employees are expected at all times to present a professional business-like image, even when working behind the scenes. It is the policy of the Company that each employee’s dress, grooming, and personal hygiene should be appropriate to the work situation and be consistent with the Company’s business standards.


  • With the exception of a fully grown mustache, conservative in nature and not extending below the lower lip, all men must be clean shaven.
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings are allowed. Any tattoos must be covered by your uniform or other means agreed upon by management.
  • Clean & well maintained approved uniforms must be worn on shift

Additional requirements as specified by management

Our ideal candidate has similar work experience and is customer service oriented with the ability to multi-task. As a leading service provider, we commonly introduce cutting edge technologies into the organization, which drives the need for challenge seekers interested in mastering new skills. In addition, we often work in team environments where strong organizational and communication skills lead to success.

To apply, please visit