Prospect of Orlando Published: 02/03/2023
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Prospect Airport Services Orlando, FL USA
5740 South Semoran Blvd Building D Orlando, FL 32822

Wheelchair Attendants:
$14.00 plus tips

Employment Type
Full-Time-Part Time

Work in the dynamic Orlando International Airport assisting airline passengers with wheelchair service needs. Great opportunity to meet very interesting people as they travel the globe.
Applicants must have the ability to both read and speak English. The ability to also speak Spanish is a huge plus.
This job requires the ability to do a lot of walking as well as being able to converse comfortably with the customers you will be servicing.
You will need to have a valid State ID, pass a Federal Background Check and be 18 years or older.
Part time employees are expected to work a minimum of 3 shifts per week.
We are looking for both part time and full-time employees.
We do offer straight am and pm fixed shifts, all employees can expect to work one weekend shift.
We are looking for applicants that take pride in their appearance, are responsible in their attendance, are mature and that are comfortable working with passengers in the airport environment. For a number of people this job has served them well as a gateway to opportunities within the airline industry. So, if you’re just winding up your career or just winding it down we may be a good fit for your needs.