2nd Quarter 2016

Top Performers

1st Place

Isabel Flores De Escobar – Florida Cleaning

2nd Place

Irene Firetto-Menfi – GOAA

Special Awards

Safety(Two-way Tie; Both saved a life)

BDO Lorinda Stephens – TSA

Performed Heimlich and saved the life of a fellow TSA employee choking in the breakroom.

John J. Garrett – TSA

Performed Heimlich and saved the life of a an elderly woman choking in the food court while on his meal break.


Paula Hyde – DME

Assisted H.S. Band director that had a medical situation. Arranged for hotel, transportation, and change of clothing for director and chaperone that stayed for support. Even delivered clothing to the hospital.


Irene Firetto-Menfi – GOAA

Assisted guest that left her cell phone on SuperShuttle. Due to her fast thinking and calls to correct people she had her cell phone back to her within 25 min. Per guest, Irene was calm, friendly, and professional.


Gerald A. VanWormer – GOAA (no photo available)

Searched employee lot for deceased employee’s car, worked with family members from out of town and was compassionate.