3rd Quarter 2016

Top Performers

1st Place

Alfonsina Fuggetta – Top Talent

2nd Place

Azim Abass – TSA


Special Awards


Jason Campbell – Flagship

Prevented a serious injury of a child and possibly others on an escalator.


MPO Vickie Reynolds – OPD

Assisted family that had a medical situation. Drove family members to the hospital since they weren’t able to ride in the ambulance. Went back the next morning to check on them.


Amanda Fleming – TSA

Helped an elderly passenger that couldn’t walk well find his car on a different level. She drove him around until they located his vehicle.

Speed (Two-way tie)

Master SGT. Kevin Roberson – OPD

Officer Yvette Washington – OPD (no photo available)

Assisted a 75 year old guest with dementia traveling alone. He lost his cell phone, wife was frantic trying to reach him. She tried for over 1 hour unsuccessfully to locate the phone through airline and L&F. She phoned OPD & within 20 minutes the above officers located his phone, made arrangements to pick it up & delivered it to the passenger before his flight departed for Mexico. Phone had reminders for his medication on it.