4th Quarter 2016

Top Performers

1st Place

Tracey Forman – HSS

2nd Place

Rafael A. Rodriguez Gonzales – HSS

Special Awards


Viron Mangray – SWA

Viron went out of his way to provide safety to a battered blind woman who was left on airport property. Landside computers were down so he went to airside to print vouchers for her. He assisted her by providing safe shelter and food for the evening.


Zabria “Zaby” Suarez – Hyatt regency OIA

Zaby touched the hearts of an autistic boy and his mother who were stranded here. After noticing the boy was anxious, Zaby approached them and was able to connect with the boy and even purchased a Happy Meal and toys for him. Her actions made a huge impact on the family and changed their experience at our airport. 5 days later he was still asking to see Zaby.


Detective Thomas Ross – OPD

Detective Ross went on a mission to find a certified check for $32,000 that was left on a plane by a guest. He was able to locate the check in the garbage and returned it to the guest.


Detective Thomas Ross – OPD

Detective Ross assisted guests who had lost a laptop on their plane, It wasn’t until they returned to Canada that they realized was gone. After several phone calls he was finally able to locate it for the guest, His persistence and not taking no for an answer was the reason they recovered their laptop.